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Argentinian steak house


One visit to La Estancia Agrentinian stekahouse is all it takes to see that we are far from a typical steak house. What sets La Estancia apart from other steakhouses in Costa del Sol is both the quality of the meat, as well as the craftsmanship that goes into the preparation to ensure that when the cut reaches your table, it is unlike anything you have experienced before.

Argentine beef is famous for its quality and flavor. Like all Argentineans, we take quality extremely seriously when it comes to meats. We recognize that the quality of a cut of meat depends on the environment in which the animal it comes from was raised. That is why we only serve free range meat, and all of our cuts are prime beef specifically chosen for their excellent quality.

Discover Argentina’s Rich History with La Estancia Argentinian steakhouse


Cows were first brought to Argentina in 1536 by Spanish Conquistadors. Due to the geography of the Pampas and a small national market, the cattle multiplied rapidly. Railway building within Argentina and the invention of refrigerated trains and ships in the late 19th century made an export market and Argentina’s beef export industry started to thrive. The flipped seasons between the Northern and Southern Hemispheres meant that Argentine beef came onto the market at a time of year when beef was less at hand in the Northern Hemisphere, which further lifted the potential export market in the United States and European markets.

Following the rising demand for high quality beef, new breeds and selective crossbreeding have been developed.

Argentine beef and its production have played a major part in the Culture of Argentina, from the asado to the history of the gauchos of the Pampas. Landowners became wealthy from beef production and export, and estancia owners built large houses, important buildings in Buenos Aires and elsewhere, and contributed to politics, philanthropy and society. The agricultural show La Rural each winter in Buenos Aires became a major part of the social season since it started in 1886.


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